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School Violence Prevention Tipline


LiveTip Anonymous Tipline 1-866-LIVE-TIP

Give your students, staff, and parents the power to help keep your district safe. LiveTip is an anonymous, toll-free tip line that school community members can access 24/7 - any time they want to report a potential crisis to school administration.

Live Operators for Immediate Help

When students call LiveTip, they have the option of leaving a message or speaking to a live operator. All calls are transcribed to ensure anonymity, then documented, and disseminated to the appropriate school authority within minutes.

SafeSchools and LiveTip - The Complete Safety Program for Your District

When district administrators choose LiveTip, they are automatically eligible to receive special discounts on the SafeSchools online staff training system, which has been adopted by thousands of districts across the country.

Email us at or call 1.800.434.0154 to find out about LiveTip pricing and the special bundling options available with SafeSchools.

Download our LiveTip flyer (pdf format)