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Overview of SafeSchools Online Safety Training

The SafeSchools Training Difference

100% School-Focused Content

Can your employees relate to a Slips, Trips, and Falls course that takes place in a factory? All SafeSchools Training courses take place in a school environment, which means our Slips, Trips, and Falls course addresses incidents such as teachers using chairs or desks to hang posters in their classroom and more.

Expert Authors
Content is everything, and SafeSchools Training courses are written by the nation's leading experts in school safety. You can be confident that our content is tested, accurate, and immediately applicable in a school setting.

Proven through Customer Success
Last year, customers who trained their staff with the SafeSchools Training Slips, Trips, and Falls course averaged a 50% reduction in fall-related incidents. Slips and falls typically account for 60% of workersí comp injuries in school districts.

Complete Ownership
Some of our customers have asked how we keep our prices so affordable. Very simply, itís because we own everything we produce. We hire expert authors to write courses, and weíve built our Compliance Management System from the ground up. Since we donít license any part of our program from another company, we can offer affordable prices that other providers just canít match!

SafeSchools makes training school support staff easy