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Emily Waters
Emily Waters is the Director of Human Trafficking Programs at The Safe Center in Long Island, New York, and has been involved in various anti-trafficking efforts for over 10 years. Emily is a survivor of sex trafficking, as well as a licensed clinical social worker. She has served as a consultant in trafficking prevention, research, legislation, operational and leadership support, and aftercare solutions in Eastern Europe, and has conducted trainings and therapy assessments in Southeast Asia. She is on the leadership team and a founder of the TRuST Collaborative, a worldwide mental health network for clinicians working with trafficking survivors. Her research from Bulgaria was featured at the International Social Work Conference in Los Angeles in 2012, and her experience as a director for a CSEC youth treatment center was presented at the American Association of Child Residential Centers Conference in 2015. She presented her research for aftercare for adult trafficking survivors at the International Association for Group Social Work and in Mitigating Vicarious Trauma at the JuST Conference in 2016, and Therapeutic Modalities for working with Trafficking Survivors at JuST 2017. Emily holds a Master of Social Work degree from Azusa Pacific University and a Master of Public Administration from Pennsylvania State University, and is completing her PhD in Social Work at Walden University.

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