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Karen McAvoy, PsyD
Karen McAvoy, PsyD is dually credentialed as a clinical and school psychologist. She practiced as a pediatric psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Denver Children’s Hospital and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. She also practiced as a school psychologist at Cherry Creek School District for 20 years and as a brain injury consultant with the Colorado Department of Education for an additional 10 years. Dr. McAvoy is the author and creator of REAP (Remove/Reduce* Educate*Adjust/Accommodate and Pace) – a community-based interdisciplinary team approach to concussion management customized in more than a dozen states. She is also the co-founder/owner of a website and training curriculum empowering educators to oversee school-based and school-directed return-to-learn efforts. Dr. McAvoy continues to work in the world of medicine and education as a clinical psychologist at the Aasha Brain Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. and as a school psychologist providing return-to-learn trainings to schools across the country.

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