Cherokee County School District Keeps Students Safe with Anonymous Tip Reporting

Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is a high performing school system in Metro Atlanta, with 42 schools, 4,800 employees, and 42,200+ students. The district’s top safety priorities this year include a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative focused on student and staff mental health, staff training on key topics like workplace safety and identifying and reporting child abuse, and vaping. CCSD uses both the SafeSchools Training System for staff safety and compliance training and the SafeSchools Alert Anonymous Tip Reporting System to support the district’s safety and security initiatives.

Preventing Serious Incidents with Anonymous Tip Reporting

As texting has grown in popularity, CCSD saw tips to its safety phone line decline. The SafeSchools Alert Tip Reporting System expanded CCSD’s reporting options to meet the needs of today’s digital natives by offering reporting via text, email, phone, web, and a new mobile app. The district has seen the number of safety tips increase dramatically as a result of adopting SafeSchools Alert, and CCSD has been able to address serious incidents, including disciplinary issues, vaping, bullying, student emotional or mental health crises, and even students considering suicide.

According to Julie Little, Executive Director, Risk Management and Benefits, “SafeSchools Alert has improved communications between students, parents, the community, and CCSD, and has empowered students to ‘see something, say something’ with greater ease and anonymity.”

 Buster Cushing, the Chief of the Cherokee County School District Police Department recently released a video outlining the district’s use of SafeSchools Alert, reminding their school community to, “see something, say something!”

Cherokee County SafeSchools Alert Video

The video does a great job of giving real-life examples, with real students, of the types of tips students, staff, and parents are encouraged to submit through SafeSchools Alert.

We’re sharing this best practice with other districts and applaud CCSD’s effort to effectively communicate and promote the use of SafeSchools Alert to encourage everyone to submit tips that will help keep their school community safe!