Partner Spotlight: School Bus Safety Company Student Safety Programs

For nearly five years, Vector Solutions has partnered with the School Bus Safety Company to bring their award-winning driver training programs to K-12 schools and districts through our SafeSchools Training system. The School Bus Safety Company has recently introduced new School Bus Safety Programs for Students.

New School Bus Safety Programs for Students

In almost every accident involving students, had the student acted safely, they would not have been injured or killed. Unfortunately the bus driver or the transportation department often do not have the opportunity to present the safe practices to the students in a formal setting. So it often falls to either a teacher or parent to explain the safest practices to their students. To support administrators, teachers, and parents in delivering this critical training to keep students safe on and around the school bus, the School Bus Safety Company has created six programs to teach students about school bus safety, bullying prevention, and emergency evacuations.

The following age-appropriate programs are available directly from the School Bus Safety Company and delivered through their online Student Safety Portal:

  • Grades PreK – 2 (two modules)
  • Grades 3 – 5
  • Grades 6 & Above
  • Emergency Evacuation (all grades)
  • Bullying & Teasing Program (all grades)

To learn more about the School Bus Safety Program for Students, watch this short video or contact the School Bus Safety Company at 1-866-275-7272.

Interested in Driver Training?

The following driver training course options are available from Vector Solutions and delivered through our SafeSchools Training system:

  • Driver Training Course
  • Entry Level Driver Training (MAP-21)
  • Bullying Prevention on the School Bus
  • Transporting Students with Special Needs
  • Training for the CDL Written Test

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