SafeSchools Training Student Courses: Customer Survey Report

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, we launched the new SafeSchools Training Student Courses with customized course collections for students in grades 9-12 and 6-8. Written by leading K-12 subject matter experts from across the nation, and delivered in a video-based format featuring age-appropriate content and peer presenters, our student courses cover essential safety and wellness topics you need to educate students on so they’re better prepared for the realities of school and life today. The modular courses also include helpful assessments, lesson plans, discussion questions, and activities to support a variety of uses.

Course titles include:

  • Alcohol, Marijuana, and Vaping
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Youth Suicide Risk
  • *Student Wellness Collection coming in 2020.

What Customers Are Saying about Student Training

Mid-way through the school year, we surveyed our customers on their use of the new program, and we’ve had a tremendous response from administrators who have implemented the courses in their districts. Here are a few highlights from our December 2019 Customer Survey.

“We chose the SafeSchools Training Student Courses to supplement instruction in areas that often cause concern with our students. We really value the ease of use, the understandability for our students, and the positive, informational content.”

Dr. Gina Wohlford, Superintendent | Norton City Schools, VA

Why do administrators choose the SafeSchools Training Student Courses?

  • To provide consistent training in key areas of need for students.
    • The courses cover important topics that have a big impact on both the individual students and the school community.
    • The courses provide supplemental content to support district curriculum and state standards.
  • Quality content from a trusted provider.
    • Each student course is written by a K-12 subject matter expert, so administrators can trust the quality of the content presented in the courses.
    • Many of our customers also use our SafeSchools Training Staff Safety and Compliance Training and appreciate the opportunity to utilize a consistent training format, in a convenient training system, for both staff and student training.
  • Flexibility to assign courses individually or use in a group setting.
    • The flexibility and modular design of the courses support a variety of uses within a school.
      • Assigning courses to students to complete individually.
      • Using in a facilitated group setting, such as homeroom or advisory period.
      • Facilitating important conversations with students using the course modules as a foundation for discussion.
    • To provide remediation alternatives and enhancements to discipline.
      • Districts are providing training in key areas of concern to help remediate issues within the schools.
      • Administrators are using the courses to provide additional knowledge and understanding for students who would previously have only received discipline for certain behaviors.

What do customers value most about the SafeSchools Training Student Courses?

Here are a few statements our administrators shared about what they value most in the new student courses. Clearly content, student engagement, flexibility, and affordability are key!

  • Consistency in curriculum for all students.
  • Courses are high quality with good messages and valuable information presented by student peers.
  • Allows teachers to be involved in open discussion with students with the videos being the starting point.
  • The students can get information on topics they don’t normally talk about by watching the teen presenters in the videos.
  • Students like the video lessons and having time to discuss current topics.
  • Easy to use, informative.
  • Flexibility to use individually or in group setting.
  • Affordable, the cost-per-pupil makes it worth it.

“Our administration was looking for innovative ways to educate students on the topics that you offered. We have used the SafeSchools Training Student Courses for students who would have typically just received discipline for a behavior. Now, we are able to require them to use the courses to enhance their knowledge. We value the flexibility of being able to use the courses in the classroom or assign individually to students.”

Angela Watson, Coordinator of Nursing | School District of Pickens County, SC

To preview the student courses or learn more about adding these courses for your school or district, please contact us at 1-800-434-0154 or