Webinar: Child Sexual Abuse Response Considerations Beyond Mandated Reporting

On-Demand Webinar

Child sexual abuse is a crime and any observed, disclosed, or suspected abuse should be reported to designated authorities as prescribed by mandated reporting laws. However, there are nuances to consider in the district’s response to alleged abuse and organizational boundary violations.

In this webinar, author and sexual abuse prevention consultant Diane Cranley, addressed topics that school and district leaders must consider beyond the basics of mandated reporting, such as preserving evidence, juvenile offenders, internal reporting, internal investigations, organizational consequences, reporting to licensing agencies, public communication, victim, parent and reporter harassment, and post-incident reviews.

Webinar Topics

  • Understanding the complexities of responding to alleged abuse and organizational boundary violations.
  • Becoming familiar with key considerations for developing an internal response policy.
  • Exploring how your response impacts victims, parents, authorities, staff, the district, and the broader community.

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About the Presenter – Diane Cranley

Diane Cranley is the author of 8 Ways to Create their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations and a child sexual abuse prevention consultant. She is also the Founder and President of TAALK (Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids), a federally approved, nonprofit agency dedicated to breaking the silence that surrounds sexual abuse. Diane is working with insurers, risk pools, County Departments of Education, and districts to create a brighter and safer tomorrow for our children. Diane is also the author of the SafeSchools Training Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools Courses.