Pennsylvania Training Courses

Act 126- Part 1: Child Abuse Recognition & Mandatory Reporting (PA)

This course is Part 1 of Pennsylvania’s ACT 126 mandatory training for school employees. The training focuses on the following topics: essential elements of the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law, facts about child abuse, mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse and sexual misconduct. The training will provide school employees with the information they need to know regarding the basics of Pennsylvania law involving child abuse and student abuse as well as their duty to report abuse.

Course Authors
Wendy Armstrong & Eve Pearl

Wendy Armstrong is an attorney licensed to practice in Ohio and California. She received a BA in Psychology from Miami University, a MA in Psychology from Boston University, and a JD from Chase College of Law. Wendy worked for the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations (in Cincinnati, OH) as a Family Counselor; she worked for Kaufman and Young Law Firm in Beverly Hills, CA; and is now in private practice. She has authored school-based training on Child Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, the Clery and Save Acts and others.

Eve Pearl is the Executive Director of the Council on Child Abuse of Southern Ohio, Inc. In this role since 1980, Eve oversees resource development, planning, implementation, and management of all aspects of the agency. She graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelors degree in Education and received her Master of Education degree from the University of Cincinnati. Eve is a Certified Trainer by the State of Ohio in Child Abuse Prevention In-service Training for preschool teachers and daycare providers. She also provides training and consulting services for numerous parent, professional, and community groups on child abuse prevention and related issues. Eve currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Hamilton County Violence Prevention Project, and she is an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati.


1 hour