Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness

The course provides staff members with an overview of asbestos, and how to follow proper procedures needed to ensure everyone's safety. Topics include: asbestos regulations and schools, origins of asbestos, uses of asbestos, health risks, asbestos abatement and the role of staff.

  1. Refresher - 23 minutes
    This refresher course is for all school staff members.
  2. Full Course - 1 hour
    Full Course
  3. K-12 Full 2 Hour - 2 hours
    This is a 2 hour version of asbestos awareness designed to meet the AHERA requirements
  4. Refresher (en espanol) - 30 minutes
    Refresher (en espanol)
Course Authors
Dr. Joseph Guth
Dr. Joseph Guth is the president and principal expert of Scientific and Forensic Services, Inc., in Norfolk, Virginia. As a scientist, teacher, laboratory analyst, and professional troubleshooter, his background bridges many disciplines. With experience as a chemist, biophysicist, biochemist, toxicologist, microbiologist, ABIH Certified Industrial Hygienist, university professor, laboratory director, research, and consultant, Dr. Guth provides a comprehensive viewpoint on public health issues. For his expertise, he has served as an expert witness in numerous legal settings.