Conducting Job Interviews

Employment Practices/Supervisory
Conducting Job Interviews

The course provides supervisory staff members with techniques on conducting an effective interview, with a focus on avoiding discrimination. It will review what constitutes discrimination, how to properly prepare for the interview process, and how to conduct an effective interview and avoid discriminating against any job candidate.

  1. Full Course - 26 minutes
    This is designed for all supervisory staff.
Course Authors
Catherine Mattice
Catherine Mattice is the president of Civility Partners, a consulting, training and coaching firm focused on helping organizations create more positive and respectful workplaces. She is an adjunct professor, and has authored two books, Back Off! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work and Seeking Civility: How Leaders, Managers and HR Can Create a Workplace Free of Bullying. Visit for more information.