Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

This course is a comprehensive tutorial designed for any employee who drives a work vehicle including both professional and nonprofessional drivers. The course content includes strategic driving tips and real-world driving scenarios to help improve decision-making when employees are behind the wheel of a company vehicle (or any vehicle). The course will review five strategic driving tips for drivers of work vehicles, improving hazard recognition skills while driving, eliminating the danger of indecision while driving, and becoming proactive in vehicle-handling ability.

  1. Full Course (en español) - 23 minutes
    Esto está diseñado para todos los miembros del personal escolar.
  2. Full Course - 21 minutes
    This is designed for all school staff members.
Course Authors
Patrick Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fitzpatrick is a veteran of the Washington State Patrol where he served in many capacities including Police Pursuit Academy Instructor and Safety Education Officer and won acclaim for his innovative programs and public education courses. Patrick has more than a decade in school district risk management and is founder of Compass - A New Direction In Driving, a LLC that provides vehicle operator training systems to both the public and private sector throughout the United States and Canada.