Food Safety and Kitchen Sanitation

Nutrition Services
Food Safety and Kitchen Sanitation

This course will instruct employees in proper cleaning techniques and personal hygiene practices relating to kitchen sanitation and food safety. Common themes include personal hygiene, kitchen equipment, and kitchen surfaces.

  1. Full Course - 14 minutes
    This version is designed for school staff.
  2. Full Course (en Espanol) - 20 minutes
    Esta versiĆ³n es para el personal de la escuela.
Course Authors
Art Dunham
Art Dunham served as President of the Florida School Food Service Association from 2003-2004 and Secretary/Treasurer of the School Nutrition Association from 2007-2009. Art currently holds the titles of Certified Food Service Professional and School Nutrition Specialist. While teaching Hotel/Tourism courses at the Schiller International University, Art is also the Assistant Director of school food services at Pinellas County Schools and serves as a member of the International Association of Food Protection. Art received his master's degree in food service management from the New York University in 1986 and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Food Service (DFS) from the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) in 2007.