How to Be an Aware and Positive Contributor Online (Grades 9-12)

Digital Citizenship (Grades 9-12)
How to Be an Aware and Positive Contributor Online (Grades 9-12)

There are countless ways online digital media can be used to connect and create, but it can unfortunately also be used to manipulate. In this module, we encourage students to use technology in positive, productive ways, such as sharing and developing their talents in addition to enjoying that of others. We also discuss tactics some businesses or other users may use online to mislead or manipulate - such as the perpetuation of likes, sharing, filtered/altered photos and fake news - so that students can be fully informed and aware when online.

  1. Grades 9-12 - 9 minutes
    This version is designed for high school students in grades 9-12.
Course Authors
Mike Ribble
Mike Ribble, Ed.D., has worked in the field of education his entire career and is the author of Digital Citizenship in Schools 3e and Raising a Digital Child. Mike is a frequent speaker on the topic of digital citizenship and has addressed parents, teachers and students in the United States and internationally. His interests include providing support for the positive use of technology by all members of the community. Mike has also completed the co-authoring of a new book for educational leaders on the need for increased knowledge of appropriate interaction through our digital experience.