Incident Command Systems

Emergency Management
Incident Command Systems

The goal of this course is to familiarize school administrators with the principles of the Incident Command System (ICS). Topics covered include the essentials of a Crisis Response Plan, FEMA's "National Incident Management System" (NIMS) standards and how the Incident Command System works, implementing ICS at your school, and ICS roles and responsibilities.

  1. Full Course - 21 minutes
    This is designed for all school staff.
Course Authors
Mary Schoenfeldt
Mary Schoenfeldt is the author of several books on Crisis Response, has served as the subject matter expert for an acclaimed interactive software program called Aftermath; School Edition, and has written numerous magazine articles for publications such as National School Safety Journal, Student Assistance Journal, and Pittsburgh Parent Magazine. She has contributed to publications and acted as Advisor to U.S. Department of Education, State of California, State of Kentucky, State of Washington and has been interviewed by USA Today, the Good Morning America television show and various violence prevention and school safety newsletters and publications. She is a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant.