Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse: Impact on Students

Social and Behavioral

The opioid epidemic is one of the most devastating public health crises in history. Schools, foster homes, the labor force and the economy are just a few that have been affected.This course provides school staff members with an overview of prescription drug and opioid abuse, its effects and ideas for increasing awareness among students. Topics include: types of opioids and prescription drugs and how they affect the body, signs and effects of abuse and addiction, risk and protective factors and ways to implement school-wide action plans.

  1. Full Course - 25 minutes
    This version is designed for school staff.
Course Authors
PreventionFIRST! is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting wellness through the prevention of substance use/misuse across the lifespan throughout the tristate region of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Founded in 1996, its overarching goals are to ensure more communities are engaged in prevention, and that more people make healthy choices in every stage of life. PreventionFIRST!'s mission is to promote healthy behaviors by sparking and sustaining community change.