Return to Learn Following a Concussion: Tier 1 Classroom Supports

Return to Learn Following a Concussion: Tier 1 Classroom Supports

Children and adolescents are among those at the greatest risk for sustaining a concussion. And the symptoms can range from short and mildly annoying to long and debilitating. As educators, we know that we have an obligation to support any and all students who struggle at school, regardless of why they struggle. That makes a return-to-learn protocol both a medical and educational initiative. This course provides school faculty and staff members with an overview of return-to-learn strategies for students experiencing short-term effects of concussions. Topics include: the characteristics of a concussion, principles of return-to-school and return-to-learn protocol, Tier 1 classroom supports, strategies for managing mental fatigue, slowed processing speed and short-term memory, and ways to adjust academic supports.

  1. Full Course - 32 minutes
    This course is designed for all school faculty and staff members.
Course Authors
Karen McAvoy, PsyD
Karen McAvoy, PsyD is dually credentialed as a clinical and school psychologist. She practiced as a pediatric psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Denver Children’s Hospital and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. She also practiced as a school psychologist at Cherry Creek School District for 20 years and as a brain injury consultant with the Colorado Department of Education for an additional 10 years. Dr. McAvoy is the author and creator of REAP (Remove/Reduce* Educate*Adjust/Accommodate and Pace) – a community-based interdisciplinary team approach to concussion management customized in more than a dozen states. She is also the co-founder/owner of a website and training curriculum empowering educators to oversee school-based and school-directed return-to-learn efforts. Dr. McAvoy continues to work in the world of medicine and education as a clinical psychologist at the Aasha Brain Clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. and as a school psychologist providing return-to-learn trainings to schools across the country.