Scent Awareness

Scent Awareness

Environmental sensitivities are more common than you might expect. This course provides staff members with an overview of how scented products can affect individuals with allergies, asthma or environmental sensitivities and provide helpful practices for individuals and organizations to support a respectful, healthy and safe learning and working environment.

  1. Full Course - 15 minutes
    This version is designed for all school staff.
Course Authors
Jamie Gibbings, IHT, CRSP
Jamie Gibbings has more than 20 years experience implementing health and safety management systems for large, multisite organizations. He has gained a depth of knowledge, experience and best practices for managing a broad range of health and safety risks through his career working in diverse work environments, including health care, education, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and transportation. Along with an education in industrial hygiene, Jamie’s areas of strength are implementing and auditing facility health and safety management systems, risk assessment and control, performance/process improvement, training development, communications and stakeholder engagement, and root cause analysis.