Science Lab Safety

Science Lab Safety

This course will provide employees with an overview of basic procedures and policies necessary to ensure the safe operation of their science laboratories. The course also outlines general Science Lab Safety practices, which can be passed on to others who use the lab.

  1. Full Course - 27 minutes
    This version is designed for school staff.
Course Authors
Kirt Poulsen
Kirt Poulsen is the Safety and Industrial Hygiene Manager, BSO/RO, at Utah State University and has significant history as an expert trainer. His certifications include IAQ (Certified Indoor Environmentalist), CERT Trainer, EPA Asbestos Inspector, EPA Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, MSHA Surface and Underground Instructor, OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER, and more. Kirt’s areas of expertise include Industrial Hygiene, Laboratory Safety and Emergency Response. He also serves as a Biological Safety Officer overseeing the biosafety and select agent programs.