Science Laboratory Chemical Spills

Science Laboratory Chemical Spills

The goal of this course is to familiarize staff members with science laboratory chemical spills and the safe and appropriate methods of containing and cleaning them up. This course covers spill response preparation, making a spill response kit, and chemical spill response.

  1. Full Course - 28 minutes
    This version is designed for school and college/university staff.
Course Authors
Linda Stroud
Linda M. Stroud, Ph.D., is the President of Science and Safety Consulting Services. She is one of the nation's leading consultants to school systems regarding chemical hygiene.  Dr. Stroud is a member of the National Registry of Certified Chemists ­ Chemical Hygiene Officer; Manager of Environment Health and Safety; and an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer. In addition, Dr. Stroud is an adjunct professor of Science Education at UNC-Pembroke, author of the "Science Laboratory Safety Manual" and author of numerous articles for professional publications.