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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Managers (SB 1343) (CA) (Spanish)

California is a leader in protecting employees against sexual discrimination and harassment, so it’s critical that employees understand the law regarding sexual harassment and know their role and obligations. This course is designed to provide California employees with a basic understanding of sexual harassment and strategies to maintain a harassment-free environment. Course topics include definitions of sexual harassment, what employers must provide in their anti-harassment policies, sexual harassment in the workplace and actions victims can take.

Course Authors
Michelle Issadore

Michelle Issadore is the vice president (association management) for The NCHERM Group; the former senior associate executive director for the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA); and the former executive director of the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE). She works with schools, colleges, and community organizations nationwide to assess and improve their strategic prevention efforts, as well as research and understand best practice initiatives. Issadore has a BA in psychology and women’s studies from Brandeis University and an MEd in college student affairs from The Pennsylvania State University.


60 minutes