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Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student (OR)

In this course, you'll learn about the obligation of every staff member to provide an appropriate level of care for all students. This course will explore the definition of sexual misconduct, legal obligations, signs of sexual misconduct, and clear professional boundaries.

Course Authors
Dr. Robert J. Shoop

Dr. Robert J. Shoop, educational law expert at Kansas State University, is nationally recognized as a forensic expert in the area of school law, with a focus on sexual harassment, abuse prevention and risk management. He has appeared as a guest on CNN, the Today Show, 20/20, and MSNBC, among many other programs. Shoop is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Educator’s Guide to Controlling Sexual Harassment and has served as a forensic expert witness in more than 45 court cases. He is the author or co-author of 16 books.


31 minutes