Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls

This course provides specific guidelines to help prevent slip, trip and fall injuries, best practices for walking on slippery surfaces, precautions to avoid trip hazards and safety policies that keep employees from taking fall risks.

  1. Refresher - 14 minutes
    This course is designed for all school employees.
  2. Full Course (Support Staff) - 26 minutes
    This course is designed for all school support staff members, including custodial, maintenance and facilities, nutrition services and others who work in supporting positions.
  3. Support Staff (en español) - 31 minutes
    Este curso está destinado a todos los miembros del personal de apoyo de la institución educativa, incluidos el personal de custodia, mantenimiento e instalaciones, servicios de nutrición y otras personas que ocupan puestos de apoyo.
  4. Full Course - 29 minutes
    This course is designed for all school staff members.
  5. Full Course (Teachers and Admin) - 26 minutes
    This course is designed for teachers and administration.
  6. Custodians, Maintenance and Facilities - 23 minutes
    Slips, Trips and Falls for Custodians, Maintenance and Facilities Staff
  7. Nutrition Services - 20 minutes
    This version is designed for nutrition services employees to help reduce the likelihood of a slip, trip or fall.
  8. Full Course (en espanol) - 35 minutes
    This version is designed for all native spanish-speaking employees.
Course Authors
Bryan Visscher
Bryan Visscher is the Maintenance & Operations Director and Energy Manager of the Wenatchee School District in North Central Washington. He holds a CPO (Certified Pool Operator), lead paint RRP (Repair Renovate and Paint) EPA certification, and BOC (Building Operator Certification) Level I from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council. He has also held Asbestos and Lead Paint Abatement certifications. Bryan is active in the Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators (WAMOA).


Joanette Lima
Joanette Lima, PT, MS, CPE, has worked with a variety of industries to develop and implement effective strategies for ergonomic risk reduction and injury prevention, including workplace design, furniture and equipment selection, and management and employee training. She has been a certified professional ergonomist since 1996, holds a BS in Physical Therapy and earned an MS in Exercise Science. In addition to her consulting work, she teaches ergonomics at the university level. She is affiliated with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the American Society of Safety Engineers and the American Physical Therapy Association.