Student Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Social and Behavioral

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of student substance abuse and the role of educators in substance abuse prevention. This course is also designed to help staff members identify and respond to general substance abuse issues involving students. This course will examine student substance abuse facts, trends, symptoms, and dangers, identify risk and protective factors that influence attitudes and behaviors in regard to substance use, discuss the role of educational institutions in substance abuse prevention, and examine different situations involving substance abuse during which a staff member may need to intervene to protect a student.

  1. Full Course - 33 minutes
    This course provides an overview of youth substance abuse and the role of educators in substance abuse prevention.
Course Authors
Mary Haag, RN, OCPS I
Mary Haag has been licensed as a registered since 1975. She is experienced in bringing diverse sectors of the community together to create and implement comprehensive, collaborative approaches to substance abuse prevention. Ms. Haag holds an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist I certification and has been working in the field of substance abuse prevention since 1995. She currently serves as President of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio, Vice President of Coalition Strategies for the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati, and Federal Peer Grant Reviewer for the Office of National Drug Control Policy and Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. During her tenure with the Coalition, she has successfully developed over thirty locally-based community anti-drug coalitions, and provides oversight and direction for all programmatic activities of the Coalition.