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Student Transportation Liability for Administrators (CA)

This course is designed to make administrators aware of their role in directly or indirectly supporting school transportation safety and the avoidance of liability.

Course Authors
Peggy Burns

Peggy Burns served as in-house legal counsel for a large suburban school district in Colorado for 20 years. She transitioned into consulting and advising school transportation professionals as the founder and president of Education Compliance Group and has worked in the field of school transportation liability since 1995. She has been sought after as a presenter at state, regional and national conferences. She has worked with school districts and bus companies to avoid risk, solve problems, and enhance policy and training. A producer of video training programs about school transportation liability and author of Defensible Decisions about Transporting Students with Special Needs and co-author of School Bus Stops: A Safety Guide for Transporters, Burns has served as editor of Legal Routes and has been a frequent contributor to other industry publications.


17 minutes