Van Safety

Van Safety

This course is designed to refine awareness, knowledge, and understanding of how to safely operate a passenger van. It is important for van drivers to become familiar with the safety and handling concerns that affect their performance in the driver’s seat. After taking this course, van drivers will be better able to protect themselves and their passengers from common hazards associated with this task. This course will cover the characteristics of a van and how it differs from smaller passenger vehicles, how to safely drive a van in different environments, and proactive driving techniques for drivers of vans.

  1. Full Course - 21 minutes
    This course is designed for school staff in the United States.
Course Authors
Patrick Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fitzpatrick is a veteran of the Washington State Patrol where he served in many capacities including Police Pursuit Academy Instructor and Safety Education Officer and won acclaim for his innovative programs and public education courses. Patrick has more than a decade in school district risk management and is founder of Compass - A New Direction In Driving, a LLC that provides vehicle operator training systems to both the public and private sector throughout the United States and Canada.