Winter Driving

Winter Driving

This course is a concise tutorial designed for any employee who drives a work vehicle including both professional and nonprofessional drivers. The course content outlines special considerations for employees driving in inclement winter weather and includes real world driving scenarios to help keep you and others safe when you're driving in snow and/or ice. The course will review the particular hazards of winter driving, cover strategies for avoiding winter driving accidents, identify physical limitations of vehicles as they relate to winter driving, and cover skid avoidance, control, and recovery.

  1. Full Course - 17 minutes
    This version is designed for all employees.
Course Authors
Patrick Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fitzpatrick is a veteran of the Washington State Patrol where he served in many capacities including Police Pursuit Academy Instructor and Safety Education Officer and won acclaim for his innovative programs and public education courses. Patrick has more than a decade in school district risk management and is founder of Compass - A New Direction In Driving, a LLC that provides vehicle operator training systems to both the public and private sector throughout the United States and Canada.