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Optional Course Library Add-On

Purchase the following courses for your training system:


Driver Training Course

This module contains 25 integrated courses that cover almost everything a school bus driver needs to know to do their job the right way, every time.  Help your drivers reduce risk with this expert-authored training.


Training for CDL Written Test

This module contains 8 interactive courses that can help drivers prepare for the challenging Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) written test.  Help your applicants pass the test the first time with this easy to understand training.


Bullying Prevention on the School Bus

This course will help your drivers understand the difference between conflict and bullying.  Drivers will learn how to set the stage for a bully free bus, recognize bullying, and how to stop it to keep students safe.


Transporting Students with Special Needs

Safely and correctly transporting students with special needs can be challenging for drivers.  This course addresses issues to help your drivers provide the most professional service possible.


“We have seen a 36% reduction in preventable school bus accidents with SBSC training!”


Patrick Vaughan
Chief Operating Officer
Student Transportation of America