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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools Course Series

Child abusers tend to gravitate to places that provide easy access to children, so schools are often their preferred hunting ground. That's why training school staff to recognize sexual grooming is critical to protecting your students.

An efficient and affordable training program can help you:

  • Prepare school staff to interrupt an attempt at child sexual abuse before it happens.
  • Provide a healthy deterrent effect.
  • Save students from the lifelong emotional damage of sexual abuse.
  • Reduce liability and prevent costly claims, which divert needed funds from educating students.
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Our affordable, easy-to-use system can be set up quickly, so you can start training immediately, from anywhere! Or easily add this new course series to your existing SafeSchools Training System!

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Preview the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Course Introduction

Preview the Grooming Part 1: Elementary Course

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Training for All Staff

With our new Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Series you can provide training to everyone, including educators, paraeducators, bus drivers, and more, in one online system. 

Engaging Content

Courses for specific grade levels engage learners and help identify the unique characteristics of sexual grooming at different age ranges.

100% School-Focused

Twenty-two microlearning courses, specifically designed for K-12 schools, cover key topics that staff need to be trained on in order to be aware of the behaviors that child abusers use to groom their victims.

Customize for Your District

Customize our courses with your own content or resources, or easily build your own policies and courses in our system.

Easy to Use

Our affordable subscription-based online training system includes a number of automated features that make your job easier. Set up training plans in minutes. Email notification, real-time tracking, and more!

Expert Author

Diane Cranely, child sexual abuse prevention consultant, guides districts in creating an environment where child molesters virtually cannot succeed without being caught.

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