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Shelby County Schools


Efficiently Training 12,000 Employees in 200 Schools

Shelby County - Happy SafeSchools Customer

Shelby County Schools is the largest public school district in Tennessee, so administering and tracking mandatory training was a big challenge for administrators. Now in its second year using the SafeSchools Online Staff Training System, the district administers all of its safety training to a large group of employees quickly and easily. District leaders also create custom courses in the system to help supervisors deliver and document district-specific content to their employees.

Before adopting SafeSchools Training, the district used paper documents to track training. The compliance team had to store a large number of files for years. When OSHA stopped by for a check-up, the school would have to go back two years just to find a piece of paper. Tracking uncompleted and completed training for a large group of employees proved to be difficult and time consuming.

“SafeSchools Training isn’t about those three OSHA videos that are assigned each year. It has a large library of courses that help a wide variety of departments!”


Anthony Krone

Risk Manager  |  Shelby County Schools, TN

Anthony Krone, Risk Manager, likes how easy it is to train thousands of staff members now.

“One of the great things about SafeSchools Training is that we can bring our employees in for group training, and immediately upload a document to the system indicating that the group completed the training. Our online and offline training can now be tracked in one system.”

Using SafeSchools Training, Shelby County can easily search training completions and provide documentation of completed training, saving valuable time to focus on more important things like student achievement. As the district moves forward with the program, their next goal is to assign job-specific training to each department.

To implement a new program across a large district the size of Shelby County is a major accomplishment. To have over 90,000 course completions in two years is even more impressive. We applaud Anthony and everyone at Shelby County Schools for their success with SafeSchools Training and for their commitment to school safety.