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School safety and compliance training can be complex and labor intensive, but it's a task that's more important than ever. Our SafeSchools Online Training System completely automates your staff and student training, so you can give everyone the essential knowledge they need to be better prepared and protected at school. Access high quality courses on important safety topics by leading experts, in one convenient online system, saving you valuable time and money. Safety training and compliance have never been easier or more efficient!

100% School-Focused

Our courses are written specifically for school staff members and students, so the content is relevant and applicable.

Easy to Implement & Use

Our affordable subscription-based system is easy to administer and use. Millions of courses are completed each year!


Voted a Top Education Product by K-12 administrators, 7 years in a row. Trusted by thousands of customers.

Preview our extensive course library to see all the training that's available for your district.

Discover How Our Training System Can Help You Save Time

Affordable, Effective Training

Courses by K-12 Experts

An annual subscription includes access to hundreds of school safety courses, written by industry experts, to help you address compliance mandates and increase safety.

Customize for Your District

Customize our courses with your own content or resources, or easily build your own policies and courses in our system.

Automated Features

Our system includes a number of automated features that make your job easier. Set up training plans in minutes. Email notification, real-time tracking, and more!


Find High-Quality Training for Staff and Students


Staff Safety and Compliance Training

Our safety and compliance courses for staff cover the essential safety topics you need to educate your employees on so they’re better prepared to prevent a safety incident, or to know how to best respond should one occur. Our engaging training can help you comply with important state and federal training mandates, including OSHA, Title IX, Mandatory Reporting, FERPA, and more.


Student Safety and Prevention Training

Our engaging courses for students cover the important safety topics you need to educate your students on to positively impact your culture, and are perfect for prevention training or remediation. Topics include: Bullying & Cyberbullying, Youth Suicide Awareness, Alcohol, Vaping & Drug Prevention, Sexual Harassment, Digital Citizenship, and Student Wellness.

Trusted, Relevant Content by Leading K-12 Experts

Our courses are written by leading experts.

Michael Dorn
M.S., FBI Academy
Safe Havens International
Dr. Sonayia Shepherd
Senior Safety Analyst
Safe Havens International
Ted Finlayson-Schueler
'School Bus Ted'
President, Safety Rules!

Experience the Ease of Our Automated System


Customize Training Plans by Role

Set up your training plan in minutes by user type, department, or building.


Streamline New Hire / New Student Training

Instantly assign courses to your new hires or new students when they are entered in the system.


Automatic Notifications and Reminders

Users automatically receive email notification of assignments and helpful reminders.


Manage Compliance in Real-Time

Completions are tracked in real-time and compliance reports are delivered to your inbox.


"We can now provide customized training quickly and efficiently."

Hear how Michael Howie, Risk Management Specialist at Baltimore County Public Schools, uses SafeSchools Training to track staff training, develop policy courses, and address legislative requirements.

Our K-12 Safety Suite

The following programs in our K-12 Safety Suite complement our SafeSchools Training System and can help make your district an even safer place to work and learn. And, when you purchase more than one SafeSchools program, you're eligible for our discount program.

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