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SafeSchools Training Can Help You

better manage compliance

If you need help complying with complicated state and federal staff training mandates for health and safety, the SafeSchools Online Training System can be a valuable part of your compliance toolkit.


"I would highly recommend SafeSchools Training to any district who wants to transform to a more accountable workforce."

Aracely Chavez, Executive Director of Classified Learning for Fort Worth ISD, shares how SafeSchools Training has helped transform the district into a more accountable workforce while creating a safer learning environment.


Compliance Notes in Training Plan

We’ve included helpful Compliance Notes in some of our courses with valuable reminders that help districts stay in compliance with federal mandates.


Course Content

Our school-focused, expert-authored courses include 5 compliance components: Objectives, Tutorial, Scenarios, Quiz, and Resources.


Practitioner Reviews & Association Guidance

District practitioners review all of our courses.  We also work closely with state associations to adapt courses for changing legislation.


Course Coordinators

Course Coordinators can be identified and assigned for each course in our system to field additional questions (i.e. Ask a Nurse about Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure, etc.).


District-Specific Policy Administration & Tracking

Administrators can upload or link to any district-specific policy, plan, or procedure, and each employee’s or student's review and acceptance is documented.


Offline Training

Any type of training can be tracked within our system. Administrators can document all compliance training – even “hands-on” CPR, Equipment, etc.


Real-Time Compliance Reporting

Every assignment and completion is auto-documented and made available for compliance tracking in real-time.  All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


Automatic Archiving of Historical Reports

Our system automatically archives compliance reports that can be accessed at a later date.