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Expert-Authored Courses for Every Department


Prepare Your Staff on Essential Topics

SafeSchools Training’s safety and compliance courses cover the essential safety topics you need to educate your staff on so they’re better prepared to prevent a safety incident, or to respond should one occur.

Comprehensive Library

Your annual subscription includes hundreds of courses on key school safety topics, so you can find training for every department and employee.

Supports Compliance

Our courses can help you comply with state and federal training mandates, including OSHA, Title IX, Mandatory Reporting, FERPA, and more. 


Our courses include school-based scenarios that make the training relevant and immediately applicable.

Preview our extensive course library to see all the training that's available for your staff.


Research-Based, Comprehensive

Staff Course Library

Our Staff Course Library includes hundreds of engaging, research-based courses, written by K-12 subject matter experts, in these key categories:  Environmental, Emergency Management and Security, Human Resources and Employment Practices, Social & Behavioral, Information Technology, Health, Nutrition Services, Special Education and Transportation.

Helping Your Staff Maximize Their Training Time


User-Friendly Courses Save Time

Educators are often short on time, so our courses are designed to be informative and concise. Courses can be started and stopped, and a bookmark automatically marks your place, so you don’t have to start over.

Built-In Quizzes Measure Learning

Every course includes a quiz to measure retention and mastery of the content. Administrators can also activate a "test-out" option on a course-by-course basis.

Easily Track Completed Courses

Employees can easily print a certificate of completion for their records once they’ve successfully finished a course and passed the quiz.

Trusted and Relevant Content

Written by Leading Experts


Michelle Issadore

The NCHERM Group


Michael Dorn

Safe Havens International

Phuong Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen

Safe Havens International

Our course authors are nationally renowned K-12 subject matter experts with an in-depth understanding of the relevant issues affecting schools today.

Optional Course Libraries

School Bus Safety Company Content Library
Driver Training by School Bus Safety Company

We’ve partnered with the School Bus Safety Company, the #1 provider of specialized school bus safety training, to deliver their expert-authored courses online through our SafeSchools Training System. Proven to reduce accidents by nearly 50%, these engaging courses include key practices that every bus driver should know to keep your students safe!

Exceptional Child Content Library
Exceptional Child Special Education Courses

Evidence-based courses, by the developers of SafeSchools Training, for all educators who support students with exceptionalities, including special ed teachers, general ed teachers, paraeducators and support staff, and principals. Topics covered include ADHD, Autism, Behavior, Dyslexia, IEPs, Restraint and Seclusion, Special Ed Law, Trauma-Informed Practices, and more.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Content Library
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools

Twenty-two microlearning courses, specifically designed for K-12 schools, cover key topics that staff need to be trained on in order to be aware of the behaviors that child abusers use to groom their victims. Prepare school staff to interrupt an attempt at child sexual abuse before it happens. Reduce liability and costly claims, but most importantly protect your students from sexual abuse.

DiversityEdu Content Library
Diversity & Inclusion Courses by DiversityEdu

Diversity and inclusion courses, powered by DiversityEdu, are now available through the SafeSchools Training System for High School Students and K-12 Teachers and Staff. The courses are proven to increase inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors and help prepare students and staff for successful engagement with diversity.

Facilities Maintenance Content Library
3D Animated Facilities Maintenance Courses

Properly train your team on how to safely perform preventive maintenance tasks and corrective repairs at your district’s facilities with our Facilities Maintenance Course Library. Employees will safely learn how to perform preventive maintenance and repairs without the expense and inconvenience of shutting down equipment.

Our K-12 Safety Suite

The following programs in our K-12 Safety Suite complement our SafeSchools Training System and can help make your district an even safer place to work and learn. And, when you purchase more than one SafeSchools program, you're eligible for our discount program.

Accident Tracking System


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Accident Tracking System

SDS & Chemical

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Accident Tracking System

Tip Reporting

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