Training Automation


Automate Your Staff Training

and save valuable time


Our SafeSchools Online Training System includes a variety of automated features that make staff training administration easier and more efficient.  Let our system do the work for you!

Automatic Tracking of
Course Completions

Course completions are tracked by individual, building, or district.
All training progress is time stamped and documented.

Automatic Tracking of Policy Review and Acceptance

Upload your school-specific policies (with the option to include a video and quiz) to our system, and assign them to staff. The system automatically documents the review and acceptance of your policies.

Automatic Archiving of Reports

The system automatically archives reports that can be accessed and referenced at a later date.

SafeSchools Training Saves Time with Automated Features

Automatic New Hire Training Plan

Create a separate Training Plan for your New Hires and the system will automatically make assignments to anyone you load with this designation.

Automatic Progress Reports by Email

The system can be set to automatically send regular progress reports to administrators and supervisors by email.

Automatic Employee Training Plan

Set up your Training Plans by individual, position, or location and they can be set to run automatically on an annual or multi-year basis.

Automatic Email Notifications & Reminders

The system automatically notifies staff of their training assignments and sends reminders for outstanding assignments as well.